About Us

The Female Orgasm is a team of Naturopathic Doctors, GPs, feminist activists,

who realised that only a few data existed on women orgasms. 


As a medical professionals, we are interested in the benefits of orgasms on the body,

on the mind and want to improve our knowledge/collecting data.

We offer to women to fill out our questionnaires anonymously 

and we then share the data we collect to all and for free.

We want to know more about the self love and self respect that an orgasm can bring, the hormones it releases, the effects on the libido, on relationships, on PMS, etc. 

As feminist activists, we believe a daily orgasm for women could and should become the norm.

Today in Western Countries, only 5% women orgasm daily.


We believe that when we acknowledge our body, our pleasure, our emotions, and ourselves, it's a huge step towards global women empowerment.

It is a small and pleasurable gesture, but with many consequences on women healths, relationships

 and empowerment in all its form.

The Female Orgasm Team

We encourage women to embrace their sexuality.

Our Mission

Collect as much knowledge as we can on the Female Orgasm in order to understand its influences on the mind and the body. 

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Our Vision

We believe knowing our bodies, our pleasure, ourselves is a big step towards women empowerment in all its forms.

Our goal will always be to get closer to this result. 

We Need Your Support Today!

The Female Orgasm

We're so new and starting that for now, we do not have a phone number dedicated nor a Registered Charity Number. You can get in touch with our founder. But stay with us! We're on it!  

Email: Use the contact form, we'll get back to you ASAP

Registered Charity: Coming up

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