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A previous survey about female orgasms with results

Looking for more data while searching Google, we came across this document:

Orgasms in UK Women – an Online Survey by Dr David Delvin (Family Planning MO) and Christine Webber (Psychotherapist) - 2017

You can access it by clicking on the link below:

Key findings from this survey of 1,250 women living in the UK:

• Over 80% of women could not reach orgasm through intercourse (penetration) alone;

• The vast majority needed stimulation of the clitoris in order to orgasm;

• Most women (72%) reported difficulty in achieving a simultaneous orgasm with their partners;

• 70% of the women reported having multiple orgasms;

• Almost 40% had (at some time) ejaculated fluid at the moment of climaxing;

• About one in seven women had experienced pain during orgasm;

• Almost 3% of the women had never had an orgasm.



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